I am first and foremost, a Community Organiser and have lived in Tower Hamlets for over 20 years and organised in the East End since 1994. This means I am well known in the constituency not just by residents and organised community groups, but also by the global corporations and businesses of Canary Wharf.

I have not been parachuted in and am not a career politician. I am standing as a Community Organiser/MP with a commitment to involve the voters of this historic constituency and their institutions at every step, listening, organising, acting, and learning and training together.

I am standing on my record of what I have done, collaboratively, and not on what I will do if elected.

After the successful launch of the Green Party Manifesto, you can read more about both mine and the party’s election pledges here:

  1. Organising for Democracy in Action
  2. Genuinely Affordable Housing
  3. London Living Wage Jobs
  4. Building Stronger Communities in Poplar and Limehouse
  5. Clean Air and Action on Climate Emergency
  6. Remaining in and Reforming Europe