End the London-wide ban on peaceful protest

Green Party candidate for London Mayor, Siân Berry is joined by fellow Green Party MEPs and campaigners to demand answers – was a London-wide protest ban ordered by the current Mayor?

The right to protest is a human right. We’re in a Climate Emergency and Extinction Rebellion have been taking to the streets pushing this do-nothing government to take action.

Suddenly the Metropolitan Police have suspended the right to protest. Nowhere in London can Extinction Rebellion lawfully and peacefully campaign.

It’s part of a troubling crackdown on the right to protest. Together with campaigners Green elected representatives have been arrested whilst simply peacefully campaigning.

We’re calling on the current Mayor of London to defend the human rights to freedom of expression and assembly, and for him to demand an end to the London-wide ban.

In a functioning democracy, we must have the right to protest, to campaign and to raise our voices. Sign if you agree.