Election Pledge: Remaining in and Reforming Europe

If elected I will

  • Be mighty relieved!
  • Will be delighted that we will have voted for peace and for positive and mutually beneficial relationships with our closest neighbours in Europe.
  • Confirm that the EU is the best and most effective peace initiative the world has ever seen.
  • Will ensure that the Green Party’s solid commitment to a Second Vote is carried out whilst we campaign hard to stay in the EU.
  • Take occasional holidays in Europe and not have to suffer endless holidays from hurt and confused fellow travellers living in the EU who do not and have never understood why we the UK voted to leave the EU and the friendships and fellowship that goes with membership.

The Green Party will;

  • Ensure that staying in the EU offers us the best chance of facing down the big challenges of the future – from climate chaos to international terrorism. We believe in this vision of international bridges, not walls and are committed to realising this through building a truly democratic EU that delivers social rights and opportunities for all citizens.
  • Remain strong voices for change and reform within the EU and also rebalance power within the EU in favour of citizens and national self-determination and away from corporate dominance.
  • Lobby to allow Members of the EU Parliament to initiate Europe wide legislation so that, if this happens the Parliament will become the main source of new European legislation to improve the lives of citizens.
  • Advocate for the EU to prioritise policy areas where cross-border co-operation can help deliver change e.g National Green New Deal to pool renewable energy resources and share insights and expertise; coordinate crackdowns in tax avoidance and evasion; harmonise minimum environmental standards; work for peace, security and human rights.
  • Support the introduction of an EU wide carbon tariff on countries that are not reducing their carbon emissions, to further encourage global action on the Climate Emergency.