Election Pledge: Organising for Democracy in Action

If elected I will;

  • Organise a permanent ‘Green Assembly for Poplar and Limehouse’ and invite diverse delegates from every school or college, faith group and voluntary association (s/elected by their institution) to attend. The aim of this Assembly would be to oversee and react to policies, challenges and opportunities in the constituency to ensure that they promote the well-being and health of the residents and businesses located in Poplar and Limehouse.
  • Seek resources to ensure the efficient and effective running of this unique Green Assembly which will include training workshops and creative ways of ensuring the Assembly is as representative as possible; as powerful as possible and respects democracy whilst working together for the common good of this historic community.
  • Attend and respect the neighbourhood groups and associations which already exist when invited and when called to account.

If elected, among the radical proposals of the Green Party will be;

  • Replace the First Last the Post system for elections with a fair and proportional voting system.
  • Create a fully elected House of Lords.
  • Give 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote and have their say on their future.
  • Introduce job sharing especially for disabled people or people with caring responsibilities.
  • Remove the cap on fines that the Electoral Commission can impose on political parties that have been found to have breached electoral law.
  • Protect the BBC and reinstate TV licenses for over 75 year olds and tighten rules on media ownership.
  • Support, through new grants, the growth of more civic minded local press.
  • Tackle our toxic political culture by exploring measures such as new codes of conduct to embed compassion and cooperation into all aspects of public life.
  • Introduce a public interest defence for breaching the Official Secrets Act alongside better protection for whistle-blowers.
  • Protect the right to peacefully protest and prevent disproportionate police responses to protest.