Election Pledge: Clean Air and Action on Climate Emergency

If elected I will,

  • Initiate a thorough review of the Tower Hamlets Local Plan and other statutory Local Plans to ensure that they have included all the more recent Climate Change obligations and best practice from across the UK with leading radical ‘Climate Change’ Councils.
  • Invite the Centre for Sustainable Energy to audit the above plans in conjunction with my proposed ‘Green Assembly’ so that residents are actively involved in and understand the process and actions that need to follow for the UK to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 or earlier.
  • Ensure that, having passed a Motion acknowledging that the ‘Climate Change’ issue its now a ‘Climate Emergency’ I will actively support TH Council to develop a list of specific actions that follow this significant change – with action to immediately reduce pollution and poisonous air as the number one priority for the health and welfare of the 37,000 children living in this constituency, 57% (according to the Children’s Society) are designated as ‘living in poverty’.
  • Initiate a review of the possible flooding of large parts of the constituency in the event the Thames Barrier cannot cope with the certain increase the the levels of the oceans as a result of Climate Emergency and ensure that the infrastructure and flood defences can cope with this new threat.

The Green Party, through the Green New Deal will

  • Replace all fossil fuels with renewable energy.
  • Plant 700 million trees and provide support for healthy and sustainable food and farming systems.
  • Deliver a public and sustainable transport revolution which will allow people to travel cheaply and safely on new trains, buses, cycleways and footpaths.
  • The Green New Deal will get the UK on track to reducing climate emissions yo net zero by 2030. By – meeting most of our energy needs through the domestic production of renewable energy; reducing or overall energy demand from buildings and homes; transforming Uk industry, transport and land use.
  • The wider economy will be transformed and re-purposed to protect and enhance the well being of citizens, society and the natural world. Economic growth (GDP) will no longer be the way we measure progress. Instead we will prioritise measures of real prosperity and well being, like improvement in health, reduction of inequality and the restoration and protection of the natural environment on which we all depend.