26th October: The Next 7 Days


Politics is a bit chaotic at the moment and things are constantly shifting so here is a run-down of what could happen in the coming week:

Will there be a General Election?

  • On Monday, the PM will call for an early General Election to be held on 12 December. Two thirds of all MPs, 434, have to back an early election for it to happen.
  • If MPs agree to an election and if they also pass the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, putting the Brexit deal into UK law, Brexit could still take place before an election. But, it would happen after the PM’s ‘do or die’ deadline of 31 October.

But it all depends on the EU’s decision on a Brexit extension. So what is happening with that?

  • All 27 EU nations must agree to the extension for it to be granted. They have postponed a decision until Monday or Tuesday.
  • The EU 27 countries are hesitant to grant an extension of the 31 October deadline without knowing whether a General Election will happen. MPs are reluctant to allow an early election unless the EU has approved an extension.

The possibilities of a General Election or a People’s Vote or both are all very real. With more members, Councillors and supporters than ever before, we have a real shot at making our principled Green voice heard.

Our crowdfunder campaign has already reached 1,000 backers. That speaks to the magnitude of our people-powered movement.

Will you help us spread the Green message by giving today?

Thanks for standing with us.